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Hemerocallis ~ Daylilies
For Canadian Gardens

ELYSIUM Gardens has an extensive daylily display and is proud to offer you the varieties we feel are superior for Canadian gardens. Most are hardy across all of Canada.

As a great deal of daylily hybridizing goes on in the southern parts of the USA, care is required to ensure you choose varieties that will perform, as expected, when planted where growing conditions may be very different from where they were hybridized.

At ELYSIUM Gardens we constantly trial new cultivars to ensure that we offer you what we feel are the best daylilies for Canadian gardens.



Sorry but we only ship within Canada
and we can NOT accept telephone orders.

Minimum Order $50.00
(not including shipping & handling)

Daylilies Can Be Ordered 2 Ways:


ELYSIUM garden-nursery
2834 Belgo Road, Kelowna, BC V1P


Upon receipt of pre-paid orders
by cheque or money-order only,
we promptly confirm your order
and advise you of our shipping date.

Sorry, Due to excessive bank charges,
we no longer accept credit cards.

Shipping Method: As healthy bare-root
daylilies ship extremely well, we ship by
Regular Canada Post for most orders.
Express Post available with added costs.

Growing Daylilies

The daylilies we sell have been grown outdoors in our Zone 5 garden. They are freshly dug when ordered and promptly shipped to ensure success in your garden. Be sure to follow carefully, the planting instructions you will receive with your order.

Daylilies are easy to grow and trouble free provided you supply their basic needs. They prefer a sunny site though they will tolerate light shade for part of the day. Some varieties will actually hold their color better if out of the hottest mid-day sun. Well-drained soil, replenished with a top dressing of natural compost or manure each spring, will keep them happy and well fed.

Daylilies are quite drought tolerant once established but do benefit from a little additional water while blooming.

Every few years, they should be lifted and divided, to maintain their vigor.

They ask so little but give so much!


Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that the daylilies we ship will be healthy when they leave our nursery and true to type. In most cases we ship double fans but if the tubers are extremely large or rare, one fan may be shipped. Should a plant prove to be incorrectly labelled, we request that you return it to us so we can give you a refund or replace it with the correct variety, if we have it in stock. We will also offer you a bonus plant for your inconvenience. We try very hard to avoid such errors but mistakes can happen. We do not however guarantee your success growing the plants as we can not realistically be held responsible for the variety of things that can happen to plants once they leave our nursery..... they are now in your care.

ELYSIUM garden-nursery is a division of Poppies Enterprises Company Ltd.
All photographs taken at ELYSIUM gardens ~ All Rights Reserved.

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Hemerocallis Updated For 2017