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Is Currently Closed
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Elysium Garden Tours Perennials at Elysium gardens
British Columbia, Canada

ELYSIUM Gardens encompasses approximately 3 acres of perennial display gardens and a Japanese inspired garden. Each area is home to a broad selection of uncommon and familiar perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs and trees. The gardens are maintained organically and great care is taken to conserve water and encourage wildlife.

Unobstructed views of surrounding pastoral countryside from a hand-crafted chapel-like gazebo which overlooks the gardens. Shade is provided by pergolas covered with climbing roses and clematis.

There are formal and informal designed gardens, sun and shade borders, herb gardens, rose, peony, daylily and iris displays, xeriscape (water efficient) gardens, rockery and scree beds, with an obsession for David Austin's English own-root roses, herbaceous,tree & Itoh peonies. Exquisite ornamental grasses are throughout the gardens.

Fragrance fills the air... It is a Shangri-la for birds and butterflies.

"Hi Sho En" ~ A Japanese Inspired Garden.

Since ancient times, Japanese garden design has been an expression
of the natural world and mans relationship to it.

"Hi Sho En" demonstrates the">are San Sui (Dry Mountain Water)
which is generally referred to as a Zen Garden
and the Kare Taki (Dry Waterfall) style of Japanese garden design.

Is Gorgeous In All Seasons.

The Gardens Are Maintained Organically

And We Are Water Wise.

They Are Inspirational, Motivational and Educational.

Non Gardeners...Enjoy The Serenity.


Seasonal Highlights:

APRIL: Spring Bulbs Helleborus Cherry Blossoms, Flowering Plums Primrose, Hepaticas
MAY: Apple Blossoms Lilacs, Tree Peonies Azaleas, Rhododendrons Rockery, Scree Beds
JUNE: Roses, Clematis Perennial Borders Herb Garden Iris, Peonies
JULY: Lilies Perennial Borders Lavender Daylilies, Hostas
AUGUST: Phlox Lilies, Daylilies Hydrangeas Ornamental Grasses
SEPTEMBER: Asters Perennial Borders Ornamental Grasses Autumn Magic Begins

Swallowtail David Austin Roses with perennials ELYSIUM Gardens
Is Currently Closed
To The Public
For Respecting Our Privacy

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Nestled In The Heart Of Western Canada's
Sunny Okanagan Valley

Between Vancouver, BC. and Banff, AB.

"A gardener's paradise, stunningly beautiful."
E. & J. Smith...Vancouver, BC. (July 29th.)

English & Japanese Spoken


All photographs taken at ELYSIUM Gardens ~ All Rights Reserved ~

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